Case Study


UX/UI Redesign, Stationery Design


EZTitles creates professional subtitling software. It is one of the leading companies in the industry, and it's clients include Netflix, Fox and HBO amongst many others.

Besides creating a good logo, the company had never invested efforts in their branding before. We had to start from ground up and recreate their website, together with other marketing materials.

I created a modern brand identity that's based on the existing logo. It reflects EZTitle's values and goals by offering a simple, yet catchy look and feel accross digital and offline media and materials.


EZTitles rely on their website to attract new customers and sell their products. This is why the redesign was the main priority of the whole project. I made a completely responsive website, which works on all kinds of desktop and mobile devices. We redid the whole navigation and information architecture based on the customers needs.



A fun part of the project was the redesign of several splash screens and dialog boxes from the actual software. Together with that, I also recreated the whole icon set for all of the EZTitles desktop applications.


As with any customer project, the new branding had to include all of the print and stationery materials. One of the highlights is a neat card box, which holds the USB flash drives with the software licenses. Together with that, there were some flyers and a lot of corporate documentation to be designed such as proposals, offers, invoices and so on.