Case Study

MM Group

Branding, Print Design, UX/UI Design


MM Group combines the service offerings of 3 child companies. MM Broker is an insurance broker, MM Auto is a dealer for high-end automobiles, and MM World specializes in real estate.

As is the case with many similar companies, MM Group struggled to combine all of it's child comapanies and services under one roof. With the years, each company had developed it's own identity. The client wanted a complete redesign of all brands, thus boosting the credibility and gaining more trust from it's current and future clients.

I approached this big project by creating a simple, but yet flexible and dynamic identity system. I relied on colors as the main differentiators for each sub-brand. This way I was able to develop a wide range of materials, which were a part of the MM Group family.

Family of companies

Including all logo variations for the main brand and all sub-brands such as layout, colors, languages. Another emphasis is the detailed typography section with font-families.

Brand Guidelines

I delivered a detailed brand guidelines in order to preserve the brand look and feel. It also helps MM Group maintain consistency accross different mediums and applications.



I designed a wide range of print and digital media for the main brand and all of the sub-brands. I'm pleased that I achieved consistency accross all brands, and at the same time I was able to differentiate each one.



A separate short booklet for each building. The design serves as a template, which is then adjusted for each individual project.



Fully responsive website that gives an overview for the main brand and all sub-brands. It includes simplified and user-friendly content for all company services and offerings. Some of the interesting modules to be designed were the insurance calculator and automobile offers.